Citizens Bank Batesville AR

Account access is made simple by Citizens Bank, even when traveling. Users give The Citizens Bank’s internet presence generally positive reviews. The Citizens Bank mobile app has received 45 ratings from users on both iOS and Android, earning a rating of 4.2 out of 5. (compared to the national average of 3.8). You can use the mobile app from Citizens Bank to manage your finances by checking account balances, sending and receiving money, and contacting customer care. Based on the extremely few complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a government financial body that defends consumers in the financial industry, Citizens Bank obtains an excellent grade for customer satisfaction.

The basic One Deposit Savings account, which is the one we rated, offers rates less than the 0.17% national average.

However, the $4.99 monthly cost for the One Deposit Savings account can be waived with just a single deposit every statement period or a minimum daily balance of $200. Fees are also automatically waived for account holders under 25 and over 65. Additionally, no initial deposit is necessary.

The term lengths we rate for certificates of deposit are not available from citizens bank batesville ar. The bank offers 10-month, 14-month, and 25-month online CD options. Rates are low, and other banks provide a greater variety of terms and higher interest rates.

Improved Banking Experience:

More than 1,100 Citizens Bank locations can be found in 12 Northeast, Midwest, and Florida states. An active Twitter account and expanded call center hours complete the bank’s customer service offerings.

A savings goal calculator and the option to contrast various product offerings are part of the online experience. Apps for iOS and Android have received favorable reviews for the mobile experience.

citizens bank batesville ar

Default fees:

Overdraft fees from Citizens Bank are expensive: $37 per instance and up to five daily fees. The daily maximum now is $185, more than other central banks. On the fifth, ninth, and eleventh working days that an account stays overdrawn, a sustained-overdraft fee of $30 is also assessed. Your overdraft fee will be refunded the following day if you overdraw your account but can make up the difference by 10 p.m. ET on the following business day.

Other methods to prevent overdrafts exist, but they will cost you money. You can link a line of credit or a savings account to your checking account, but doing so will cost you $12 per day the transfer takes place and, in the case of the line of credit, a fixed $30 yearly fee plus interest.


Checking, savings, certificates of deposit or credit union share certificates, banking experience, and overdraft fees are weighted averages of NerdWallet to calculate overall scores for banks and credit unions. Depending on the category, we consider rates and fees, access to ATMs and branches, account features and limits, user-facing technology, customer service, and innovation. 

In addition to its online and mobile services, it is a traditional brick-and-mortar bank with in-person service. Competent Asset experts rated Citizens National Bank 3.9 out of 5 stars, indicating that it is a solid bank to consider.


With a network of accessible ATMs and branches, citizens bank batesville ar is a significant regional bank with operations in the Northeast, Midwest, and Florida. Most of its savings and CD rates are low, but overdraft fees are substantial. But if you reside in one of the dozen states covered by the bank, it may be a simple and affordable option for basic checking and savings. If you want to more about hard money lenders.

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